Browsing and Buying

You can browse by product category, selected from the product drop down menu at the top of every page. When you find something you like you simply click on the image or description and add the product to your shopping cart.

For size selection simply select the size from the pop-down menu (found by clicking the downward arrow beside the size window) then click in the quantity. You can then close that window and continue shopping.

You will see the number of items added to your cart at the top right of each page.

When you have finished shopping click “Checkout”  which takes you to a summary of what you have in your shopping cart at that time.

Items can be removed at anytime by clicking “X” beside the item, and your total will be recalculated.


Buying online

After you have selected items you wish to buy, the postage/freight charge is calculated. (You can check this at any time when viewing the contents of your cart simply by indicating which country the products will be shipped to).

You can pay by credit card or Paypal. Neither our staff or anyone else will have access to your credit card details.

Enter your name and other details exactly as they appear on your credit card. Complete all details – those that have an asterisk beside them are mandatory.

If your billing address is not the same as the delivery address (for example, the purchase is for a gift for someone else), you will need to fill out delivery as well as payee information. If the two are the same, however, simply check the “Same as Above” box to indicate this, in order to save entering details a second time.

To make any changes simply click the area and retype your information.

Your order will then be submitted. You will see a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation email.


The protection of your order information is very important to us, so all your information transmitted through our site is encrypted using SSL. SSL encrypts your order information to avoid the decoding of your information by anyone else. Neither ourselves or anyone else have access to your credit card details at any stage

Customs charges and sales tax

We make every effort to reduce the chance of Duties and Sales Taxes being charged by overseas Customs Agencies. We DO NOT accept responsibility for any duties, VAT and taxes charged – these are the full responsibility of the Buyer. It is advisable, if concerned, to check with your local customs agency before ordering.

All prices are inclusive of all sales taxes applicable to the sale of goods under Croatia law.


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