Dubrovnik Croatia

Beautiful Dubrovnik combines Unesco-listed history with lush environment, a breathtaking coastline with intriguing settlements, a captivating past with Game of Thrones-inspired pop culture, and a wealth of options with a relaxed atmosphere.

Dubrovnik, the last town in Croatia before Montenegro, is located in the southernmost tip of the country, shut off from the rest of the country by a narrow strip of Bosnia & Hercegovina’s coastline. Dubrovnik was formerly an independent country inside these international borders, and today it is the pulsing center of an interesting region that demands more than just a short vacation.

Spend a day or two strolling through the maze of stone streets and marveling at the intriguing architecture, including the backgrounds from King’s Landing and the palaces, towers, and churches. Then head up to Srđ hill for dazzling panoramas that showcase Dubrovnik beyond its historic core.

Take a ferry to the nearby island of Lokrum or travel to the tranquil Mljet Island and its national park of forests. Enjoy the laid-back local way of life while sipping a robust red in one of the vineyards on the Pelješac Peninsula and learning about folklore in the Konavle valley.

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